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VK MIRACLE found my lost money

edited September 20 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

I had asked questions about lost money and how to find it. We are really dependent on our children for everything. We had recently come to USA and i had a thousand dollars with me For us it was a good amount and I had kept it in my handbag when we went to visit our daughter in Detroit. I clearly remember keeping the money in my purse along with indian rupees. After two days I checked my purse to make sure the money was there in case we needed it . I was shocked to see the money missing . My rupees were there but the envelope with the dollars was not there I searched and searched all my bags my almirahs but I didnt find it. I asked Rakhee ma"am for help and she gladly gave it quickly. But even though I prayed VK and even asked for signs there was no reply .This happened ten days ago .So I thought it is hopeless . Yesterday FRIDAY 17 SEPTEMBER we were returning to NEW Jersey . I was checking my purse to make sure my passport and plane tickets were there when I suddenly noticed an envelope .Curious I opened and imagine my joy and surprise when I saw that all my lost dollars were there. I really cannot explain it except as a MIRACLE of my DIVINE VK . MY heartfelt namaskars to SRI SHARAT SIR FOR THIS PRICELESS GIFT.THANK YOU THANK YOU YOU AND RAKHEE MADAM
Jaya 8831


  • O Wow GOLDEN SUNRISE to You.

    We are all lucky to have VK in our lives, Thanks, and Gratitude to SHARAT SIR for creating such a DIVINE TOOL and all the VK teachers as well who keep on guiding us in making our lives JOYFUL.

    Pranam to all.

  • Very Happy to know about your valuable money is safe. Thankyou for sharing your experience.
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