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Heart blockage cleared with VK and Serums

edited September 17 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Someone approached me for eye healing. He recently suffered from a heart attack, and his vision was deteriorating at a very rapid pace. He was unable to see close objects, let alone far ones.

Doctors told him that he will have to wait for at least 6 months, since he suffered the attack, before performing the eye surgery.

His vision was so bad that the doctors said that they cannot give him prescription glasses. The doctors were seeing some blood clots in the eye as well. He underwent a couple of laser treatments for one eye.

I was constantly giving them Eye serum, All clear serum, Vob of eyes, and Balance serum once in a day, and sometimes psychic surgery. He went to his heart doctor for a checkup to get an ok for the eye surgery.

The lab tech questioned them why they did the ECG and Echocardiogram, to which this person explained that he had a heart attack around 6 months back and has 2 stunts put in. He has to now get clearance from his heart doctor so the eye surgery can be performed.

The lab tech was astonished, he said your heart is so healthy and fit, there is no blockage to be seen, after reading these reports no one can even guess that you suffered an attack.

This is not all, after this, he went to the eye doctor for the next laser due, he has done with all the paper formalities and payments ...

But when doc. Was going to start the laser he said the laser can not b done as the blood clot is very minimal and returned his money back.

He even got his other labs done as well and took the reports to his physician. His doctor was shocked to see his reports. His blood sugar (he is a diabetic and takes insulin), has gone down and his doctor is not considering taking him off of his insulin and put him on low dose blood sugar regulatory medicines.

Images are attached here:

This my friends, is the POWER OF HEALING Through VK
Thanks to Sharat sir
Thanks Divine
A wonderful invention by sharat sir


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