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what do I request for dog's eye boogers?

My 9 yr old Yorkie dog has a constant problem with ocular discharge, having these yellow eye boogers that covers his eyes every day. I believe the veterinarian says it's due to being unable to produce natural tears and the dry eye causes those yellow eye boogers. I have given him EYE SERUM + PAIN CARE SERUM + ALL CLEAR SERUM TO ALL EYE DISEASES. I've done this 4x for a week but haven't seen him get any better.

What can I do?


  • @Dentyuns
    What is the purpose of using PAIN CARE SERUM and ALL CLEAR SERUM?
  • I am hoping it helps support any pain in and around the eyes, as well as any other illness that's contributing to the yellow eye boogers I may not know of.

  • @Dentyuns
    If there is unwanted discharge then ALL CLEAR SERUM is not to be used because already body is discharging. .
    For dry eyes, if doctor has prescribed eye drops charge the eye drops with EYE SERUM and BALANCE SERUM.
    You can also request VK in your own words to keep the eyes comfortable and hydration or moistness as per need with safety and security. If you are washing or splashing the eyes genly with water, charge that water too
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