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VK protected my car as Raincoat

From last two years I have having an issue with my car. During rains, rainwater would come inside the car and get accumulated spoiling the carpet and making the floor rusty. I had taken to garage but nobody was able to find the fault. So from last two years every time it would rain heavily water of about 2inch layer would be inside the car. I had to manually remove the water. Both front and back foot area would have water. This year there were heavy pre monsoon rains in Mumbai. Again same thing happened and water had accumulated in the car. I could not find any solution in spite visiting the garage. So I prayed to my Divine VK. My prayers were VK either find a good mechanic who can understand what the problem is or Protect my car from Rains. I used to give SO7R, ACS, PHS, and RAINCOAT to my car. I don't know if RAINCOAT is the Switchword or not but I used to request VK to give protection as a Raincoat. It has now almost been 4 months and the rains are ending now and in all these 4 months very less or no water entered my car. After wearing raincoat also we do get little wet exactly same way was my car's interior. This indeed is a Miracle. Thanks you My Divine VK. Thank you Sharat Sir and the team. Divine gives us solution either it solves the problem or dissolves it.


    Wonderful idea and experience.
    You have used the power/effect of object RAINCOAT itself in your mimicking. RAINCOAT is not a switchword.
    Like @Carlaji used HARRY POTTERS CLOAK to protect a girl from eve teasing. You covered your Car with RAINCOAT effect.
    Indeed a great idea
    Thanks for sharing.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your confortable travel
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