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Lower back pain cured

Two days back when I woke up in the morning I was having stiffness and slight pain in my lower back.
I daily spend one hour doing yoga and some physical exercise too.
After this one hour session the pain increased .
So I decided to heal my lower back pain with my VK.
As I always give importance to balance all the chakras twice.
Now guess which is the nearest chakra to lower back.
It's sacral chakra.
So I sat down in sukhaasan with my eyes closed requested to my dearest VK to please clean energize and balance my sacral chakra now.
And rotate the vk over sacral chakra for a minute and then rotate the vk on my lower back affected area for another two minutes.
After this I thanked my VK thanked divine thanked universe.
After just 10 minutes I realised that my pain subsidied by 30 percent.
During the day I repeated this twice.
And by evening I was fine with no stiffness no pain.
But here point to be noted that all acute problems can be cured in a day or two but chronic problems may take time say three to six months depending upon the nature and duration of the problem .
So I would say one must give preference to balance chakras twice morning and evening daily.
This was not my first experience.
I on so many occasions had the same experience.
Thanks sharat sir
Rakhi mam
All vk family
Thank you all for always motivating
Me to experiment new ideas and sharing with you all.


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