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A way to use Balance serum with VK

edited August 13 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden sunrise

How to use Balance serum.

Balance serum is the 30th serum invented by sharat sir.

The importance of this serum lies in the fact that this serum can be used in so many issues like

Chakras balance/ Aura balance/ planetary dosha / Tri dosha balance / Five elements balance/Karma balance/ Body mind and soul balance/ Acid Alkaline / Hormonal levels balance and many more.

Now generally if you don't have any major health issues then take balance serum daily at least once with vk.
But if you have some serious issues then focus on those issues when using balance serum.

Like if you have problems like eyes/ Ear/ hair fall/ cold and cough/ stress anxiety / Insomnia

Then it means your three chakras crown Chakra / third eye chakra and throat Chakras are disturbed and also you are a cough dosha person as the cough dosha covers all problems from head to throat.
Now in this case, if you take balance serum to balance three Chakras crown, third eye, and throat chakra and to balance cough dosha then the vk will concentrate only to balance these, and hence the energies will not be divided. Vk will focus to balance three Chakras and cough dosha only. So what you have to do is
Request vk
Please clean energize and balance my crown Chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, and my cough dosha ( say this three-time ) with safety and security.
In this way not only you will get results fast but also get the result you actually wanted.
Likewise, you can choose other issues.
Like you have digestion-related problems gas acidity indigestion bloating etc mean your solar plexus chakra is imbalanced and also have pitt dosha because pitt dosha covers all issues from throat to lower abdominal.
So now
Request vk
Please clean energize and balance my solar plexus chakra and pitt dosha with balance serum with safety and security.
Now vk and balance serum will focus only on balancing solar plexus chakra and pitt dosha so the energy will be shared only in balancing solar plexus chakra and pitt dosha.
So you get a quick super fest result as you have hoped for.
Now solar plexus chakra is balanced means all the organs involved indigestion like liver spleen large and small intestines are active and as pitt is also balanced means proper digestion of food.
As I am using this technique to get the super-fast results using balance serum on myself and others.
So try this and share your experiences.
Golden sunrise
To ALL vk family.
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