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Heal your knee pain in five minutes session with vk

Yesterday I was reading the experience shared by punit sir how with divine VK he created energy balls and got rid of knee pain.
Yes this is very impressive and effective and holistic way to heal and treat achy joints.
I learnt this during my third and master degree of reiki .
I am also sharing one experience of healing knee pain effectively and holistically.
You know in addition of seven main chakrs our body have hundreds of " MINOR CHAKRAS"
LOCATED throughout our bodies.
When these energy centres are blocked our mind and bodies feel uncomfortable and out of balance.
One part of our body that's our knees are especially prone to inflammation and pain .
The energy healing work around our knees chakra can really be beneficial for painful and aching joints .
As our knee chakras should rotate clockwise to get the positive energy from universe.
If these rotate anti- clockwise then the energy will either get stuck or will get negative energies.
So what I did was.
With My Divine VK in hand
I requested to my vk Please ROTATE MY KNEE CHAKRA CLOCKWISE
Say three times
And then add
So that my knee chakra gets positive energies from universe and get healed.
Now meditate for a minute with eyes closed to visualizing that positive energies are coming from universe entering your knee chakra taking out all the negative energies swelling inflammation and pain going to universe burning it there and converting it in to love and light and again coming towards you entering in your knee chakra and healing with that love and light.
And that's it.
With this healing I got my chronic knee pain disappeared.
Drink a glass of water before healing.
With our Divine vk we can experiment new ideas but all of us together share our experiences with new ideas as one parson can not alone have new ideas to experiment with divine VK.
So try this and share.


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