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VK Experience : Making Energy Ball with VK for Healing.

:) Golden Sunrise friends.
Today i am sharing about Energy Ball or Intention Ball. May be you have heard about reiki healers use Energy balls for healing, where they use reiki energy to create Energy balls for any healing or wish and then throw it in the Universe.
:) As you know "Rotation - movement" is the universal law. Everything in this universe is moving or we call nothing is permanent, but sometimes we are stuck in our pain, emotion, desires.
:) Two days ago I was thinking to use VK differently so i used to create an Energy ball for my Intention of healing knee pain.
:) I request "O Divine VK please create an Energy ball to heal my knee pain and send it in the Universe."
:) Later I just requested "VK please charge my Energy ball to heal knee pain now."
I am so excited to share this experience with all VK users that i am having no pain at all.
:) We can similarly make these Energy Balls for Wishes, Healings and charge them with VK.
:) We can create multiple balls of different wishes or healing and charge them with VK.
:) I will do more experiment with this healing and share with you.
You can also try and Share your experience with Creating Energy Balls with VK.


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