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Extreme hairfall

Post pregnancy it is extremely hair fall and hair get very thin and can I stop my hair fall and it is possible to convert grey hair into black hair without using any colour and mehendi???


  • @Rina
    Please use search option with keywords HAIR on website and forum
    I got this hit you will get more ideas

    Please do not post questions which are already answered on this forum. Use SEARCH option

    We are not aware of any method to convert to grey to black with VK. If you know any other healing modality which converts grey to black hair do let us know
  • Golden Sunrise! For Grey Hair issue, one may try to Mimick the appropriate quantity of natural Eumelanin for hair along with PHS for manifesting Black Hair..... as we do this, grey will automatically disappear as our focus is on only the Black hair, one can try.

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