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Received Full Salary with Money Recovery EC Charging

This discussion was created from comments split from: Manifesting with VK rotating VK over wish.


  • I received my first VK on 15.7.2021, I have gone through Vk basic posts and reading articles on VK forum regularly.

    I was charging a EC given by Sharat Sir in one of his blogs which goes like " GOLDEN SUNRISE WALNUT TOGETHER BRING FULL COUNT SHREEM EASE NOW". ( Its a money recovery EC & article is Switchwords to Get Back the Money – Money Recovery Energy Circle )

    Earlier before VK had come I had posted this EC on my cupboard front face, but since VK has come I removed it and carry it along with me and I charge it daily for 30 minutes by saying_ " Dear Divine VK LaxmiNarayana please activate the EC's"_ and I place the VK on the EC and leave for 30 min daily once in the morning.

    And Lo Behold I received my one full salary today 21.07.2021 which was pending for the month of June 2020 well over 1 year now due to lockdown reason my company could not pay that time but now they have paid. =)

    I would like to Thank VK LaxmiNarayana <3 , Sharat Sir <3 and The Divine <3 . Thank You Thank You Thank You. <3 <3 Specially Sharat Sir for creating a masterpiece

  • Wow awesome. Thankyou @anilm for sharing your VK experience
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