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Doubts regarding wearing or not wearing VK

Golden Sunrise,

I have received VK on 7th July and started wearing it since 8th July in black resham thread as a pendant.
I have noticed that since I have started wearing VK I am experiencing Laziness, Negativity, Irritation and Anger much more than before.
I sleep around 10pm to 11pm daily before and after wearing VK too but earlier I used to get up around 4am to 5am with or without alarm. Now since the day I have started wearing VK I am getting up around 8am to 9am.
Before sleep since last 3days I am also requesting VK to wake me up early how I used to do previously. But I don't know I am unable to wake up easily and snooze alarm which I never did before.
I am also not being productive throughout day and waste most of the time on entertainment.
I am getting irritated & angry on small small thing easily.
I am not saying all this is happening because of VK but I am experiencing these things since I am wearing VK which is bothering me at the present moment.
My exams are starting from 3rd August, so I thought to clarify my doubt.
I wear VK throughout the day and only remove it hardly 2-3time for 15 to 30mins each.
I call VK as VK RAJA and he also fulfils my small demands whenever I ask.
I also charged my water with CS of different aspects in different bottles and consumed it few days back as mentioned in VK Basics but I was unable to see any results.
Please help me with this and provide me solution as soon as possible to be Self Disciplined, Joyful, Peaceful, Productive and Focused to have a Successful Life further.

Thank You, Thank you and Thank you so much...


  • @Vaishnavi
    GOLDEN SUNRISE . Welcome to the cosmic healing world
    Regarding your question on results with Cosmic serum, you have not mentioned what serum and what results you expected.
    If you are reading BASICS of VK, Sir has explained to prioritise healings and work with patience.
    Its not even a fortnight with VK.
    But at the same time you say your small wishes were fulfilled, that exciting.
    Regarding your anger and other emotions cropping up, maybe these emotions are there before you got VK.
    Sometimes it so happens that VK works by itself to release our negative emotions. So maybe you are seeing that. .
    Are you using any serums for mind healing?
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Golden Sunrise Rakhi mam,
    I have tried using CS for health and studies like the below mentioned in water
    I have also taken charged water of GS+HANUMAN CHALISA+ACS+SO7R
    All these I have took for 2-3 days back
    I also directly request VK to make my scanning and printing work fast and smooth which VK listens and fulfils my wish also I have asked to calm down my Sister, Mom and Dad it also did that.
    Yesterday, I asked him to send GS+Hanuman Chalisa+SO7R to my mom & dad who were travelling to meet one relatives but they dropped the plan because of heavy rain in the way and went to some other relative house who lives near, I know this has happened because of VK's magic only.
    I also thank VK everyday before sleep and after fulfilling my small wishes.
    I have also charged fried jackfruit puri container and biscuits packet for our family with VK, GS+PHS+DS
    VK also fulfils my demand of making me sleep as soon as I land in bed.
    Yesterday night I saw your video regarding VOB and tried it at night on my eyes (relaxing) and pelvis region (healthy and regulars periods as I have PCOD/PCOS) before going to sleep and my eyes felt much relaxed and getting mild cramps in pelvis region.
    Regarding my doubt of wearing VK - I don't Know why I am sleeping too much since wearing VK. Is it something related to my body not accepting the higher energy or any other issue.
    Also since last 2-3 months before wearing VK I was very much self disciplined, productive and also had positive thoughts throughout day.
    I totally love VK and he is like my close friend with whom I share my stuff as I don't have any friend in my life.
    Thank you Rakhi Mam for Reply...

  • I have Printed and laminated GOLDEN SUNLIGHT high resolution picture which is attuned with Cosmic Energies by Sharat sir in my study table north-east direction which comes to righthand side and I have also set the GS pic as my desktop and chrome wallpaper.
    I was searching for best sunrise pic and also suitable pic for my wallpaper since few years but at last with VK I got to know about this amazing Picture it freshens up when I look at it.
    Thank you Sharat Sir for Divine VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE Picture...
    Truly blessed to be a part of LITAIRIAN Family.

  • I have checked if there is any black magic influence on me by the hanuman chalisa charged water as mentioned in the video but water tasted normal before and after charging it.

  • After 6 to 7days of wearing VK for 2days I had weird experience when I used to close my eyes to sleep I felt there was cradle beside me and when I opened my eyes there was nothing and on 3rd day I got the news that my cousin sister (Bua ki Beti) has given birth to baby boy.
    I didn't had such experience ever before wearing VK and I also don't have any idea why I had this experience.

  • Golden Sunrise @Rakhi Mam I have posted three comments yesterday under this post. Have you received it or should I repost them?

  • Dear @Vaishnavi,

    Golden SunRise....!!
    You are welcome in the enclave of Cosmic Healers and accept my greetings on being a "Citizen of Light". It is great to see your excitement & zeal through your post and hope you will do great with your VK Raja.

    Let's talk about your lack of activeness, which is bothering you most these days. As per your body language, I would guess, you are a bit above average in your impulsiveness. Your usage of Serums reflects so. Although, this excitement is a natural reflex, but I would suggest you to please follow the guidance given by Rakhi ji to be 'patient' and organize your healing schedules. By saying this, I mean, that if I were you, I would start my car from the 1st gear to roll before I gain my speed. Prioritize your healings one after other and keep your observations updated on the results. Within sometime you will be multi-tasking on healing...I am sure.

    Now, by the virtue of the same observation about your body language, I would guess that previous to VK, you have been a very painstaking student, working very hard on your studies (I do not know your age & academics). I really appreciate your sincerity towards your studies, but VK's perspectives are above this. Based on the same, I would like to give you another angle to see the situation - mind you its just a suggestion. You must have heard a proverb in Hindi - "Khoda Pahaad aur Nikli Chuhiya" (Dug the mountain to get a mouse) - Smart working is a better choice than putting in extra labor. Mostly we tend to study vigorously for the exams and loose our health & sleep to excel, but there are students who put in less but prepare smartly to get equivalent results. In my opinion, you must have been exerting yourself a little too much on your studies in your yesterdays. Now, when you have affirmed to VK, it has started easing you by releasing your fatigue as well (since you have affirmed for your health also), which might have relaxed you to sleep more. Your temperaments could be due to a chain reaction for the disappointment of getting up late. Please be informed that on affirming your wish, VK has a comprehensive outlook to it. It will work on several other things which is equally important to achieve your goals (giving exams with a bad health is not a good idea). Please do not worry and give yourself a bit of comfort....... re-schedule your activities....... and take Study Serum regularly along with Perfect Health Serum. I am sure you will excel with good results.

    Also, I hope you are affirming the Serums with its full name for example : All Clear Serum and NOT ACS. By the way, I would also like to know what have you meant when you mentioned the Serums - BNS, BLS, IS & CS, as being old I am slow in grasping abbreviations. I understand you have taken CS in different bottles of water for health and CS for me stands for Care Serum which should be benefitting Cancer patients. So watch out.......if you are making a mistake.

    Have a Happy healing.

  • Golden Sunrise @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    Thank you so much for greetings and detailed explanation.
    I am Vaishnavi, 21 year old and now appearing for my BA last year exams.
    With God's grace and blessings of my well wishers, I am one of those above average students who study 2-3days before exam and score descent marks (Since school days including board exams).
    I am bit worried for exams because this phase is my study material collection and previous year papers analysis phase but because of oversleeping, distraction and mood swings I am unable to proceed with my study work and complete as decided.
    Thank you Sanjay Sir for making me realize that I am on right path by studying smart for my upcoming exams, as I also had a doubt in my mind regarding am I taking too much risk and all.
    Regarding charging water with Serums I take full name of each serums 3times while placing request to charge water and place VK Raja on bottle for 10mins (2mins for each energy) and I am really sorry for including abbreviation in my earlier post which led to confusion. So below I am mentioning the serum I took with full name.
    I have tried using Cosmic Serum for health and studies like the below mentioned in water
    Golden Sunrise + Perfect Health Serum + Immune Serum + All Clear Serum + Balance Serum
    Golden Sunrise LEARN NOW+ Study Serum + Brain Serum + All Clear Serum + Balance Serum
    I have also taken charged water of Golden Sunrise + HANUMAN CHALISA + All Clear Serum + Shield Of 7 Rays
    I would like to mention that since January to June end I had read and watched lots of stuff regarding Law of Attraction and because of it I tried to be in positive state most of the time and ignored my negative emotions. But since July 1 I was busy in reading articles on Litairian website and was blessed with VK Raja as I ordered VK with the money my parents gave me as a gift on my Birthday - 4th July 2021 (21st Birthday). Thank you God, Universe and @SharatSir :) for bringing VK in my life.
    Since the time I started wearing VK I became like the Vaishnavi I was before January 2021 which I don't like to be as used to be very lazy, procrastinating a lot and full of mood swings. I still don't know what made me to become my previous version.
    I am unable to prioritize which area of life to heal in order of importance as I feel everything is Important at present moment.
    I don't know how VK is working on me but this issue is still bothering me and would like to have a healthy, joyful, peaceful and successful life with VK Raja.
    I am truly thankful to Litairian Teachers for looking into my issue and trying to help me out by giving there best.

  • Golden Sunrise,
    Yesterday I watched @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher mam's Video regarding EFT.
    So today morning and afternoon I directly requested to VK as follows
    "VK Raja please activate EFT, EFT, EFT to remove negative thoughts and feelings from my mind, body, soul and heart."
    and kept VK aside for 30mins
    And now feeling better than before :)
    Thank you...

  • Dear @Vaishnavi,

    Thanks for your so honest explanation to know you better. I must tell you that my daughter who is 27, was like this in her studying days (she usually wakes up at 9.00 am and used to chill out instead of studying even during exam days). By the grace of God, she still took her Masters in Computer Science with 95+ pc.), so please do not worry, if you know your subject you will come out with flying colors.

    Now, let me tell you that there are 2 basic ways to get the Cosmic powers of VK :
    1. You have the knowledge of the issue/area of the issue, as well as the cure, and you affirm to VK for the same. For example : If someone has an uneasiness and you know that it is due to his/her digestive problem, so you affirm to VK to give Digee Serum. In this case you should have knowledge of the disease as well as the remedy. As there was a case (it was attended by Sharat Sir himself), where the patient was having a nausea feeling but the reason for this was that she had a micro hole in her eardrum. The healer who was her sister, tried her best with Digee Serum, but of no avail. To the patient's bewilderment, Sharat Sir, asked her to get her Ears checked by an ENT specialist. All were astonished to find a hole in her eardrum. A small surgery was recommended after 2 weeks, and again to the sheer surprise of the Doctor, he could not find the hole after a fortnight, as she was being healed continuously by VK.

    1. The second option is to let the issue be healed & cured by VK itself. This is when you are not sure about the ailment. Please leave it to VK. VK has its own intellect to cure wherever is required. A simple affirmation "Dear VK, whatever be the problem, please heal & cure" is enough to tackle. For example, there was a lady who had fibroids in her lungs and his son-in-law told me that she is recommended to be taken to ventilator, please help. Off hand, I did not know what to do, so I prayed to my VK "O VK bhai, whatever be her problem, please prevent her from going for a ventilator". To my surprise, my acquaintance called me to tell that her condition is stable now and the doctors opted not to put her on Ventilator.

    Let's come back to your case. You have taken CS (Cosmic Serum) which is not a Serum at all. 'Cosmic Serum' is a heading under which there are 30 serums to choose from. That is why I asked you the full forms of the Serums you are taking. Dear Vaishnavi, It is very important to know if whatever you are doing, is right or not. It is good that you have raised your quarry in this forum. Since you are new, mistakes like this is very common. As I have suggested for a good health, please take Perfect Health Serum.

    Change in your personality is a different issue. I would say, you were the same Vaishnavi all the time, the change was from January'21, maybe because of a resolution that you must have given to yourself. You can do it again. As you have given Calm down serum to many, please give it to yourself & concentrate. You may use the energy of Gym through serum and be active as you want it. Take it from me you will do wonders.

    Let me know your changeover, or ask whenever, we are here for you.

    Thank you @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir for sharing about your daughter and congratulations for her Masters in Computer Science with 95+ pc.
    I have understood what you explained in the post and will implement as directed and update the progress.
    I have taken Cosmic Serum for particular issue (like health related - Perfect Health Serums and study related Study Serum) and never requested VK just by saying Cosmic Serum and instead mentioned the name of serums regarding particular issue.
    As I have gone through Cosmic Serums links mentioned in VK basics before receiving VK and started to wear but just out of excitement started focusing on all areas of life at ones in this case I went wrong.
    Sir, I am unable to understand this sentence "Take it from me you will do wonders."
    I would take Calm Down Serum, Gym Serum and Perfect Health Serum as directed.

  • @Vaishnavi
    Mei daave ke saath kahta hoon tum bahut badiya /unnati karogi VK ke saath.
    Hindi translation of Sanjay Sirs line
    Take it from me you will do wonders
  • Thank you @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir for such a kind words "Take it from me you will do wonders." and trust in me.

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