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Not connected with VK, energy receiver passed away

Golden Sunrise...
I feel my VK is not aligned/connected to me.
My friend's mother who was in hospital due to Covid passed away today.
I was constantly requesting VK to send GS, PHS, ENT Serum, IS, ACS, MMM, "Please ACTIVATE to Enrich (My Friend's Mother's) Health with MIRACULOUS AMRITA OF IMMORTALITY, Shield of 7 Rays, Psychic Surgery for the affected parts of the Lungs with Safety and security, 5 energies at a time. After requesting I used to place the VK on my study table for 30 mins.
From past 3-4 days, daily 5-6 times I was doing this. But still she passed away.
Please let me know, if I have requested the right thing to VK or is VK still not aligned/connected to me.
Somehow I feel, I am not connected to my VK.
Please guide me.
Thank you.....


  • @bbvishu
    Life span is Divine's wish. You did your best with VK.
    In any critical case intention to VK should be whatever is best for receiver and surrender to Divine. Check VK Tip 110

    You can read my post on MIRACULOUS AMRITA OF IMMORTALITY. .
    No one is immortal and we are only to help people in journey of life. They will take their course.
    Please remember Divine's wish is higher than human mind's wish.
    Maybe the physical suffering was too much and the soul chose to proceed to happy space in Divine light.
    Accept it and move ahead. .
    One should not correlate this situation with VK connection or alignment.

    If you feel this, you must work on small wishes build your confidence .
    Do read the BASICS OF VK.

    Just talk to VK as a Divine friend and stop worrying on results and alignment.

    If you are emotionally affected by passing away of your friends mother, its natural. Do follow VK Tip 76 for your wellbeing
  • Golden Sunrise...
    Thank you for your response....
  • Dear @bbvishu,

    My condolences for the soul departed.

    As Rakhi ji has said, the Divine has His own prerogatives which is far beyond our competence. You have done your best for betterment of the bereaved lady, but His arrangements could not be challenged. Please do not hold yourself or VK against it, VK has same energies as bestowed by HIM and it works under the Divine's arrangements.

    I remember one incident when one of my friend who we used to call VK (as his name is Vishnu Kumar Aggarwal), went all the way to Sriganganagar (Raj) for healing one of his dear one, who had diagnosed with a clot in the brain. He was supposed to be shifted to Delhi for his treatment in emergency. Mr. Aggarwal, kept healing him with VK, all the way from Sriganganagar to GB Pant Hospital, Delhi and doctors of G B Pant hospital were astonished to see the patient in his senses. They viewed that a patient in this condition should be unconscious, but they saw him entering the hospital - walking. The operation was successful & the person walked out safely. But in 3 months, he passed away. The difference, as his relatives say, was that he slept at night and never woke up.

    We could only derive an inference, that in-spite my friend did a miraculous job with VK's grace, still the arrangement of the divine was in-evitable. But, what was satisfying was that the person left the world without any pain - in peace.

    This is the reason, why Sharat Sir has always taught us to pray - "O God, please bless us with desires which could be fulfilled", so I pray while healing also that "please heal & cure whatever is possible."

    Above is my independent opinion. Hope it may give some consolation in your grief. May God bless !!

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