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Post surgery recovery uterus removal

edited July 11 in Health Discussion
Golden Sunrise.
My mother in law was diagnosed with a fibroid /tumor in the pelvic region. We had to do surgery to remove the mass. They had to remove the uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes as the fibroids can recur again.
Post surgery she is having a lot of uneasiness because of gas-acidity. She passed motions yesterday but the gas continues to trouble her a lot.
Any thoughts on what healing can be sent to her to give her relief.
She has not been allowed to eat anything yet, it is 72 hours post surgery. She can only take coconut water , 2 tea spoons every 2 hours.
It is very important for her to release the gas and pass her motions . She is vomiting after taking the coconut water.
Any thoughts on what healing can be sent to her?
I am sending her Immune Serum, Digee Serum, Pain Care Serum to her by direct request.
I have also requested VK in my own words to send the required energy.
Any help or pointers would be appreciated.


  • @haresh
    FEM SERUM , energy of CARBO VEG with safety and security, PERFECT HEALTH SERUM

    Add BRAVO SERUM as per need
    Healing sent to your mil. Wishing her GOLDEN SUNRISE recovery and wellbeing
  • Thank you mam.
    Trying some alternate form of healing , could you suggest what energy to send for her to get the strength to walk. The doctors are saying that the more she will walk the more better she will feel as the motions will come and the gases will get released.
    I have already started sending the energies as you have suggested . If you could suggest what to send for her to get the strength.
    Golden Sunrise.

    And yes, another request to please keep sending the energy from your side.
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