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Gratitude and Some Doubts Regarding VK Application/Use

GOLDEN SUNRISE... :) to all
First of all I am very grateful to Sharat Sir and Litairian Team, :)
for VK and also efforts taken to compile important information regarding VK
in easy to understand language on Litairian Forum and Website. <3
I have gone through Basics of VK and all CS details given of website and forum.
But still have few doubts regarding few aspects of VK.
Please, mention links if I have missed to read which contains answers to my doubts
1. If we charge drinking water tank with PHS or any other serum/energy and after sometime extract the water from it and charge that water with TWS/LS or any other serum/energy how will the water act to energies if we consumed water with water with 2 different energy aspects?
2. When we charge something or send direct request with max 5 energies of same aspect of life will the effect of energies get divided or it will remain same as it would be when we send only 1 energy separately?
3. If we stick photo of a person in a book and below it write the energies to be sent to that person and request VK to "activate these healing or send these energies" say this statement 3 times without mentioning the energy names in request and place VK on that paper for 30mins will this work well and send all the energies mentioned on the to the person in photo?
4. If we are doing above method to particular person about one aspect of life and after 30mins send request to other aspect of life only once a day daily is it ok? As in PHS article it is mentioned to take at least 2 doses daily. Is this applicable to Direct Request method too?
5. If we are using BLS/ACS with the PHS so will it balance or clear only the health aspects or also work for others aspects too. As a student currently I am concerned about overall personality, health and study aspect so I have decided to take below combinations,
Transparent Glass Bottle (500ml) - GS + AWS + FS + BS + GMS
Green Color Glass Bottle (750ml) - GS + PHS + IS + ACS + BLS
Steel Bottle (1 liter) - GS + SS + BNS + ACS + BLS
*confused if ACS and BLS works same without any intention then is it ok to keep ACS and BLS only in one bottle as I am going to consume water of these 3 bottles throughout 10hrs periods with gap of minimum 20mins between dose of each bottle.
I am really very sorry for this lengthy post... :'(
I hope all my doubts gets cleared (GOLDEN SUNRISE)
Thank you... :)


  • @Vaishnavi
    1. Check the Basics again what it mentions about energy division.
    2. The energies will of course act in total in combination. What happens when you eat rice and dal separately and what happens when you mix them and eat. And what happens when a person is satisfied with just dal or just rice
    3. Yes
    4. Check VK BASIC POST 13.
    5. Check the article of these serums for more information.

    Please note for procedural questions read VK BASICS again and again. All answers are already there
    You can use SEARCH option on forum and website to get the links.
  • Thank you Rakhi Mam :)
    But still have doubt in 4th and 5th doubt.

  • @Vaishnavi
    Read more and more and make your own notes. All the posts and articles explain in very simple language. May be you need to read slowly
  • Ok mam I will do as u said
    Thank you :)

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