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Found my lost debit card

I am a new VK user and literally I don't know how to request VK so I use to request VK in my day-to-day words. Few days ago I lost my debit card somewhere in house and was too worried. I took up the whole house to find my debit card for 3 days. Finally after lots of searching, I requested VK that "VK PLEASE MERA DEBIT CARD MIL JAYE JALDI SE JALDI" and I chanted "GOLDEN SUNRISE" for about half an hour. After that when I entered my room to search again, guess what... I found it on the same table on which I used to search for 3days. I was super excited and shouted like a child "wow mera debit card mil gya".

So, this was my first experience with VK which was actually a motivating experience for me to explore more about VK.

All thanks and regards goes to VK and Sharat Sir....

Thanks a lot VK for helping me thank you again... :-)


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