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My sister's Marrige and its arrangements.

Golden Sunrise Everyone ????

This is Preety and I am new to this community. Actually, my younger sister is going to get married this year. I have 2 questions related to it:-

  1. As we know these days all functions of marriage need a huge amount of money. Being a daughter, I know my father would try all his best to make all functions a wonderful ceremony. And I know my father's and brother's business are not doing well. But I don't want them to get into panic in order to arrange money. For their business to grow and flourish in leaps and bounds, I am giving my father and brothers:-

• Golden Sunrise
• Total wealth serum
• All Clear Serum
• Alpha Male Serum
• Bravo Serum
• Mood Up Serum
• Shield of 7 rays.

By placing VK on their pic. (All 3 in one pic). I also request VK to send his wonderful and devine energies of these serums immediately and that too with 1000 times power.

Please correct me and suggest me what to add or remove if this is not the right combination. And how many times do I need to send these energies to them in a day?

Q2. Please tell me what energies should I send to my sister and her future in laws family to make her married life a success and she would have a wonderful bonding with her in laws? Please suggest.


  • @PreetyVerma
    For combinations you can check how each energy will help them and choose accordingly by reading about each energy in the detailed articles written by Sir. Best is to read VK success stories.
    Check what is written about the number of energies to be used in one combination in BASICS.
    Regarding VK procedures please read BASICS OF VK post on forum.
    I am not sure how this 1000 times power request works. You can explore and let us know your experiences.
    For healing frequency, do it as per need
    All your answers related to procedures are already well explained in BASICS.

    For sisters marriage arrangements, request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE MAKE WAY FOR MY SISTERS MARRIAGE with ease. Help my family to arrange all the funds with ease

    For 2nd question, request VK in your own words. .
  • Thankyou so much for your valuable response, Rakhi G ????????????

  • Golden Sunrise ????????

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