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VK helped my mother with her bypass surgery and now with recovery

My mother had a heart attack 15 days back and she had to go through bypass surgery. This was a very tough time for us seeing our mother in such condition. Moreover, she is in USA and I am here in India and knowing that I couldnt be there with her was very heartbreaking me for me. All I could do is send positive energy to her to heal her.

I asked Sharat Sir for guidance on serum and he suggested Heart Serum and Pain care serum and energies of Golden Sunrise. I used to place VK on my mothers photo and used to send her serum and golden sunrise as much as possible.

Her surgery went very well. And she is also recovering so well. I am continuing to send her the serums for her recovery. Everything is going fine now. Its such a blessing that I have VK and I can send healing to my mother even if we are miles apart.

I know thank you is not enough but Thank you so much Sharat Sir!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????

I am grateful to the Divine! I am grateful to Ganapati bappa! I am grateful to Sharat Sir!
I am grateful to VK !

Thank You!!
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