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How to stop a person from connecting with u

there are two people who want me to surrender myself to them completely. Although I have refused both of them but they r constantly after me n want me to use physically mentally emotionally n spiritualy.
They have resorted to black magic n vashikaran also since a year.
please guide with vk help how can I completely erase my picture from their mind.
i want that they completely forget me from their mind n soul n dat they stop their activities of trying to attract me towards them
I want total disconnection from them


  • Please take Hanuman Chalisa, Shield of Seven Rays, Bravo Serum, and Alpha Woman Serum all together in water as much as possible. For changing water, please check the basics of VK.

  • Alpha woman serum will attract people more?
    Whereas I want myself to b disconnected from people and those two people shd leave me permanently.
    would it b ok to add Alpha woman serum?
  • @Khyati
    Alpha woman serum will make you strong. Check the full article for more information
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