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Emotional success with VK and cosmic serums

edited July 4 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Hello All,

I wanted to let you know that I was feel really emotionally drained and felt my energy was not good today.

I got home and asked VK to send me Balance Serum, ACS, Mood Up Serum and Bravo serum. And I put VK on the bedside table.

Within 20 mins I felt so good and relieved as if someone took a heavy coat of me.

I struggle with depression and sadness, only yesterday I found Sharat Sir’s video on depression. I will start to watch that everyday as well.

Also, other day I put my pendulum on top of VK, and it started spinning like crazy!!! I feel the energy so strongly, each day I connect with it strongly.

???? Thank you so much Sir!!


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