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Difficult prospecting and closing

Golden sunrise . I am a teacher who has taken second job as an insurance agent. I find it difficult to close case. Aftr doing prospecting i send GS,TWS,Sof7R, to my self and the deal so i do closing but still, i can't do closing problems come up. . Pls guide me . Tx


  • @Manju
    Since its a new job, request VK to help you to learn or get trained for closing. Keep requesting VK in your own words what you wish.
    You can take energies frequently not only while prospecting.
  • GS maam tx for your advice . Vk has helped me earlier when I had misplaced some stuff and with Sharat sir guidance how to do it, I managed to recover it. I do my GS, TWS, SO7R,BS to myself every night daily. Perhaps i should do it more often until I get results . I will also do wat you advise abt the learning . Thanks .GS
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