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Growing business

edited May 2021 in Money Discussion
I am new to VK, I although I have gone through the basics but I think there is lots of interesting things to cover ????, I want to ask something, my husband is in real estate business, since it’s lockdown and client closure is almost nil. Can I use total wealth serum along with all clear serum for him to get growing business?
And if we use VK more than 1 time in a day for more than 1 person, will it divide the energy??


  • @Chesshtta
    Yes you can use the above mentioned energies.
    For procedural questions on VK and on energy division, please read the BASICS OF VK section on this forum.
    Give youraelf time to learn
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi di
    Thank you so much for your fast reply ???????? Still on learning stage with guidance from this forum and teachers like you. I will surely understand it fast ????

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