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I manifested my new home with VK & GOLDEN SUNRISE blessings

I am here and happy to share with you all my success of buying a new dream home with the help of VK.
I am a VK user since May 2017, with God’s grace so many of my wishes got manifested with the help of divine VK and continuous guidance from Sharat Sir and Rakhi didi. After getting desired job me and my husband thought to invest in property as we already were owning a home but one day a thought came to my head that why not buy a new home for us and make the old one as rental property but there were some hesitations as nobody know that will be able to afford the mortgage for brand new home or not as the prices were sky high. But my desire to buy new home got more stronger as the old hose need renovation work and the amount of money that need to be spent on renovation is approximately equal to the deposit, we needed to buy new home.

One day we just decided that we will just make an appointment in bank to check that how much is my mortgage eligibility and then will proceed further. After getting that idea we viewed few properties and didn’t liked any and at that point I asked VK if buying new home is in the best interests and requested VK to show me some signs if the answer is yes and VK had shown me all signs as answer as YES.

Within a Week we came to know about a Private development of New homes in a very good area of town and close to all civic amenities and next day we went there and checked the development asked them for brochure and available plots and after collating all the information we decided that we will buy home there.
Next day my husband decided that we should reserve a plot if we want to proceed further with the purchase and I chanted GOLDEN SUNRISE few times and reserved the plot. By this time the deposit money wasn’t even there in or accounts as we had given or money to help some relatives and didn’t even asked them if they are able to return the money at this time but I had full faith on my VK that it won’t let me down.

I informed Sir after plot reservation and asked for his blessings and he told me to keep sending GOLDEN SUNRISE to the entire process with VK.
Within 2 days of reserving plot the deposit money was arranged and it was there in my account. We were ready for applying to government’s help to buy a home loan and mortgage. From both places at first instance, we were offered 8000ponds less than the required sum what as I was continuously sending the energies of GOLDEN SUNRISE, TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, ALL CLEAR SERUM to the applications they both got approved at the required amounts after the agent appealed against the decisions, Alongside I was sending GOLDEN SUNRISE and LOVE SERUM to the officials dealing with my application. Within 8 weeks both the applications were approved as per the need.

When it reached the point that contracts were going to exchange then only the issue came out that the land is still not registered on developer’s name and it was only on previous owner’s name and bank didn’t gave clear chit to exchange contracts, I got really upset at that point and it was a feeling like we have become the victims of fraud or something but still I had full trust on VK that it won’t put us in any sort of loss. At this point I spoke briefly to Rakhi didi about the situation and she suggested that send GOLDEN SUNRISE to the final outcome and intend to own the home. The solicitors at that stage were saying that it might take 6-12 months to get the issue resolved which was not the thing we wanted to know at that time, So I started sending GOLDEN SUNRISE and LOVE SERUM to my wish of owning that house and also was sending GOLDEN SUNRISE, SHIELD OF 7 RAYS and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM to my deposit money which was already transferred. Within 2 weeks I received an email from solicitors that if we are happy to exchange contracts as magically the land got registered on Developer’s name and bank had given green signal to go ahead.
So finally, we got to be the legal owners of the property.

Alongside I was sending GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM to the built of house as well and finally when we got leys on completion, we were surprised that some changes which we wanted in the actual design but were not able to convey to the builders were already done and they said that from their previous experiences they have observed that these changes were necessary to avoid future problems.
Its already 2 years that we have moved to or dream house which we only are able to own from the amazing help from VK and wonderful guidance to se VK from Sharat Sir and Rakhi didi.
GOLDEN SUNRISE image on canvas print of 120*60 cm and VIBBES SEEDER make our home even more pleasant place to live in.
Divine thanks to GOD for all the blessings and making me know Sharat Sir in my life



  • @Barinder
    Congratulations for 4 years with VK and for your new home.
    Beautifully penned down. This experience is an inspiring note for all VK users to work wiith determination and patience for big dreams like a new home.
    Wishing you and your family happy prosperous stay in the new home.

    VK VS and GOLDEN SUNRISE is a wonderful combination for every home.

    Thanks for sharing your experience in detail.
  • Amazing manifestation @Barinder Ji. Many Congratulations.

  • Congratulations on 4 years with your VK and also for your new desired home.
    Wonderful sharing. Your this story helps many VK users to have patience while working to archive big dreams.

    Wishing you to have a GOLDEN SUNRISE life ahead.

  • Wow
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