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VK attuned in my dream

Golden Sunrise! I am fresher to Litairian Club and I bought VK recently. I would like to share my experience with you. I am a Reiki Practitioner and use crystals while doing Reiki. I have a Narmada Shivling crystal as well. Couple of days back I had a dream in the morning that I was requesting VK - that I need to connect to you, please guide me way forward. After sometime I saw a white bright light and a yogi from North came out and he took my Narmada Shivling and VK placed both on my Crown Chakra I could see again the white light moving in a circular motion around me and he said that you are attuned now and you can start using it regularly, he blessed and left from there. Then suddenly I opened my eyes to realize its a dream.

I think I am connected to VK but at times I feel the energies are very high for me to manage and then I will keep it aside. Daily I am using it for an hour or so. I am scared at times also. I am still reading the materials from the this Forum on VK Basic Post Zero and VK Basic. I need your guidance and interpretation on the dream. Also I need to experience more using VK to help my family & friends during this pandemic time but not sure where I am going wrong or this is the usual way not sure.. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks very much Sir :)


  • Dear @surekha, welcome to Litairian - we are citizens of Light.

    My apologies for being so late to reply on your post.

    On the preset let me advise that as now you are also amongst us, please do not be scared of Light. As I was going through your submission, my opinion is that "morning dreams are mostly true", this has been told & retold to us. And your dream is a wonderful one.

    I believe, being a practitioner of Reiki you are well aware of the energies and I would say you experienced a shower of energy in your dream. We often tell new comers that merger of VK in one's life is not like a commodity which is bought at will and utilized. VK chooses it's wearer. There are so many who desire to have a VK and still unable to get it. We have refused Celebrities, who have asked for VK and some who even could not have afforded to have one has 2 VKs. VK is no doubt a very powerful media of energy transmission. Empowered with 11 powerful Cosmic energies, VK is a happening in one's life, and it has happened to you. Everyone who dips in energies, get their Angel Guides, you got yours too. In your dream, your guiding angel - the Yogi, has bestowed & gifted this VK to you, as evident from your experience. You are going to do wonderful things with it....take it from me.

    As I gather from your post, you respond to your Divine in adoration. I mean you consider the Divine as 'Poojya'. We merge in Divine and be a part of it. After all, why should we create a distance between Poojya & Pujari......Love your God, be a part of HIM, ask from Him as a worthy son/daughter and you will see you & Him are one...You actually are. Try it and you will never find the powerful energies of VK - very high. Befriend with VK and you will be able to talk to it. This style of healing is without a norm or formality. VK has its own intellect, but you have to navigate it. As friends/Buddies you will make a great pair. Do write to us your experience. Happy Healings with VK.

  • Golden Sunrise!
    Thank you so much @Sanjay Sir for clarifying and analyzing the message of my dream and to overcome my fear. You have boosted my confidence and I shall definitely follow your guidance to experience VK Energies and do wonders in my life and my loved ones..

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