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Radha Krishna attunement empowerment with vk

edited May 5 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise.For the last few days I charged water with Radha rani empowerment and Banyubiru rejuvenation wave with vk.. Amazing result I got..feeling high vibrations and energy level superb. Thankyou sir
I took Krishna's attunement with vk.. .it was my personal experience I invoke blue light with all of his wisdoms power intelligence attraction...and few days back at 4:20 am at my birth time ????I had a dream of peacock feathers tattoo all over my left hand ..and I still cud see it few seconds after opening my's a huge blessing for me ..Then I made radha krishna attunement with my own symbol and wil practice on it.Thnkyou so much sir.. _I receive creative ideas with the help of vk.


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