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Male sexual issue

edited May 23 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Hi Sir..

On and off I'm facing issue with respect to sexual stuff. I'm taking Men Serum.. Not sure what else I need to do..


  • Can you please elaborate, what kinds of sexual issues you are facing?

  • Not getting much mood. I'm trying for baby. Kind of getting ED. Whereas other time I mean when not doing other time I'm getting I get it usual E. Consulted with a physician and all good with my health.
    Thinking it may be due to this new diabetes my body suffering. Not sure sir.. Feeling really scared.
  • Plz take mood up serum and men serum as much as possible.

  • edited September 15
    Thank you @SharatSir
  • @sharatsir my this issue has been resolved. Doctor said it was more of a psychological stress than anything with respect to physical. Thank you for directly coming forward guiding me. Pranam

  • Thanks for updating.
  • Divine Golden Sunrise,
    Mr. Pusp could you please share how you requested to Divine VK. Like can you please elaborate How you took serums and how you placed requests, How many times you used to do this in a day, like some other details. Please Could you share.
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