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Lumbar Pain healed with perfect spine using VK

My husband was suffering from lumbar pain of the lower spine which hampered his walking. He could walk for only 5 to 7 mins and then he had to sit rest and walk again. I started doing VOB of his spine everday for 4 times a day. I used Pain care Serum, All Clear Serum, Perfect Health Serum, Calm Down Serumand MM mantra. I also charged 3 water bottles with these serums everyday and he sipped that water all day. I sent a direct request to VK everyday. Divine VK please align my husband's spine perfectly and quickly. In a week he healed and there is never any pain or discomfort to him now. VK has healed his spine perfectly and quickly. Thank u VK. Thank U @SharatSir. God bless..


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