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MAGIC STORY: Amazing way how VK turned up in my life

Golden Sunrise to One and All,

Always wanted to write the fact of how I was blessed with VK. Apologize for the late write up as I am an old VK user.

I used to ponder what will I do if i was given either a single wish or multiple wish by God or Genie. I always told myself that i will wish what I want three times in one go for a single wish (e.g. I wish for perfect eyesight *3times, I wish for perfect healthy body, mind and soul * 3 times).
I was using swithwords and due to severe mental tension, started searching for, found GOLDEN SUNRISE. Each time I visited the GS page, always saw "VK"heading but never bother to check it. Fifth time, something told me to click on "VK" and found myself in disbelief of what I was reading about VK. I did not know anything about VK or its procedure nor have I visited it before. The astonishing part was the REQUEST to VK (3 times exactly in one go!!!) and I knew my prayers have already been ansered through Sharat Sir.
To me VK is not a tool, but Almighty / Divine, hence I named my two VKs as "ARUL" and "DEVAR." My humble, deeper gratitude and thanks for Sharat Sir for blessing me with VK.

Thank you Litairian Mentors and Team for yur ever valueable guidance.

Golden Sunrise,


  • Golden Sunrise @Vinodh Ji,
    Definitely having VK with us is Divine's blessing.

    Thank You Divine.
    Thank You Sharat Sir.
    Thank You VK.
    Thank You TEAM.

  • Hi Amit Ji,

    Thank You. Yes it is indeed a blessing to have VK in our lives.

    My humble gratitude to the Universe.
    My humble gratitude to Sharat Sir.
    My humble gratitude to the VK.
    My humble gratitude to the Team.

    Thank You and Golden Sunrise.

  • Thanks for sharing your kind words.

  • @Vinodh
    Thank you for sharing your happiness and new names for VK.
    Please share your experiences how or what requests you make to VK and what is the outcome. It will be learning experience for many.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your journey
  • Thank You Sharat Sir.

    Golden Sunrise Rakhi Ji,

    Like I mentioned I was pondering in mind (playing game in my mind) if I was given the wish, what and how will I say my wish. All started 2-3 years before I knew that VK even existed. Guess it was not a game after all and I was putting my thoughts for making a doorway to welcoming VK in my life.
    The moment I read about VK, I did not hesitate because how my request (3 times in one go!) and how we request to VK (3 times in one go!) are the same.

    Golden Sunrise,
    Thanks and kind regards,

  • So beautiful words VK is a Divine Blessing.
    Gratitudes to SharatSir.
  • Gratitude to vk nd Sharat sir
    Thank you n gratitude to sharat sir
  • Vk is a divine blessing
    Gratitude to sharat sir
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