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Heart pumping increased from 15pc to 20pc with VK in a span of 5 months inspite of Blackmagic

GOLDEN SUNRISE n Gratitude Sharat Sir, VK, VS, Universe, Divine n Angel's.

I am a great fan of n 5 months back, I had ordered VK from Sharat sir as I wanted a way to come out of blackmagic affected by all in the family. I never knew what was instore for me ahead. The very next day my mom complained of breathlessness n had her check up done. The doctors shattered all our hopes as the heart was pumping only 15pc. That moment I just prayed VK to guide me to the right doctor n yes VK did it.VK guided us to the best doctors n they too assisted wt medications for 3 months as in such a critical case heart cannot be operated. I asked the guidance of Sharat sir for respected Cosmic Serums to be given through VK n I started giving GOLDEN SUNRISE (3), ENT Serum(3), Heart Serum(3), Balance Serum(3) wt shield of Seven Ray's followed by Psychic Surgery(3)..heal forever wt safety n security.

In the meanwhile the healing was not so simple as I assumed to be. My mom who was affected by blackmagic stopped drinking charged water n anger was in her forefront n she even hated me for healing her. As VK was my strong support, I temporarily disconnected from all n I requested VK to guide me further as it was getting tougher to heal her. I ordered for VS immediately to take care of all n came across Bachflower remedies of Holly, Willow, Rescue remedy n gave her healing through VK. Even gave her Love Serum(3), One Soul Serum (3), Calm Down Serum(3) n All Clear Serum respectively. Last month the person who was involved in Blackmagic passed away. After 5 months of constant dedication heart pumping showed improvement from 15pc to 20 pc n I immediately informed Sharat sir as Gratitude.

Sir U r a Divine soul who has come to save many lives. VK n VS is a true blessing in my life n a true friend forever who guides n protects n is there 24×7 as my strength as an Angel closeby. I had named my VK as Angel VK who holds a precious place in my life.

Gratitude n Blessings to Sharat Sir n Rakhi maam n whole team of


  • @Sriya
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience. Keep sharing your happiness. .
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your moms healthy active happy life.
  • Thank you for sharing this amazing experience and we are waiting for many more.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your mom's health.

  • Amazing experience.Golden Sunrise to your mom's health.Thankyou for sharing
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE & Gratitude Sharat Sir..Rakhi maam..Puneet Sir..Thank u so much..Abundant Blessings to all of u.

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