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Leakage problem solved at our house in different city

Golden Sunrise
Want to share a beautiful experience with my dear VK Bhaiya
Actually we have a flat in Nashik city that is locked since one year and we live in Thane yesterday got a call from Nasik society chairman that there is some major leakage problem in our flat and drinking water is being wasted so they had turned off the supply for whole building and we're forcing us to visit asap and get it repaired.. and it was really difficult for us to go there and get it repaired... then I requested my dear VK Bhaiya to show us the path so we can atleast send our keys to our neighbours there so they can get the problem solved... and I get the way to send the keys through someone going to Nasik ... and also I was regularly sending following energies to the flat so that the problem get solved easily with minimal expenditure
GS,TWS,ACS,MUS and shield of seven rays... and in the evening get the call from there and come to know that water purifier pipe got damaged and water was leaking from there and it got repaired in just 300/- whereas my husband was so worried ki baithe baithe 5k ka kharcha sir pe aa gaya
Gratitude Divine ,VK Bhaiya,Sharat Sir, Rakhi Ma'am and whole team litarian


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