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As a new VK user, here is my first success story: neck and shoulder pain relieved

edited March 15 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Dear Mentors,

Greetings of the day.Golden Sunrise.

Though I haven't met any of you,but I feel connected to all of you as I learn bit by bit and learn with others experience and mentor's guide on forum.

It's been very long I m thinking to post my experience with VK .I got my VK in Dec 20.

My husband has recurring pain in neck and shoulder due to long sitting in office.
He usually have this pain after waking up. Sometimes this pain subsides after vomit or after taking painkiller when pain persist.

After getting VK ,I tried on him and within 1-2 hours his pain in neck and shoulder went away.i requested below ways in different situations-
//VK plz heal neck and shoulder pain with 10 min moov massage .
// Pain care serum with one physiotherapy session.
// Rotated also on neck area.

I request VK whatever way comes to my mind.

Once it happened,that he has severe neck Nd shoulder pain and said that he will go to office late as he is feeling uneasy due to pain.but to our surprise after requesting VK to heal this pain, he started vomiting within half an hour and next half an hour he was perfectly fine without any pain.

We were surprised that how vomit came so quick otherwise after onset of severe pain, it happens after few hours only then he gets some relief(* people with such recurring neck and shoulder pain can only feel this severe pain). But to be surprised this time, within 2 hours his severe pain has gone .and he was painfree and fine.

In these two months this pain happened 3-4 times and only VK has need to take any painkiller.Amazing experience.

Thanks to the founder of VK ,Sharat Sir for inventing this magical tool.

Thanks to the mentors.


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