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Miraculous VK healing for dialysis and heart patient

Golden Sunrise
Gratitude to Sharat Sir for the beautiful creation . Really feeling blessed to have VK in my life just wish to share one of the miraculous healing done by VK .One of my friend's mother was on dialysis. The case was quite serious, there were a huge probability of entering in coma. I sent out several healings during her operation. After which she had speedy recovery and a much healthier perspective towards her own health. I used all clear serum, balance serum, heart serum and energy of maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. I used heart serum because she had health issues related to heart. I really hope that this can help you ease pain of someone facing similar problems. Really thankful to VK and Sharat Sir.


  • @sapnnachordia
    Beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing in detail. You have used HEART SERUM so appropriately. Its very inspiring. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your helping attitude. Wishing her good health and happiness with recovery. Gratitude to VK and Sir
  • Golden Sunrise to her Perfect Health. Thankyou for Sharing your VK experience.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE to her health. A very nice experience. Thanks for sharing.

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