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VK healing for clearance of file in a govt dept. worked wonderfully

edited January 25 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise to everyone
Here again a wonderfull result of healing i achieved. Actually one of my Known person had applied for conversion of his leasehold property to freehold in dda in nov.2019 through a broker with the assurance that it will be done within a period of 2 to 3 months at the price of some brokerage that was paid in advance as well. but even after 4 months nothing happened and exactly after 4 months lockdown started. when he again contacted to broker after unlockdown that broker started to ignore him saying that public dealing is closed which was true and he cant be of any help now so u will have to wait. when i came to know about this i started to send healing to the conversion file with the phrase " My dear vk plz clear the conversion file of Mr. x submitted in dda for converting his flat into freehold now ". in the month of august 2 times a day.
That healing worked wonderfully. First it helped to get back all the brokerage paid to broker and then it showed the way to contact the concerned officer in the dept. in the month of nov. 2020. I was personally doing all the process and with the help of healing i could get the flat converted to freehold without giving any bribe.Those officers were so helpfull that it took only 2 months to complete the task even in this corona time when only limited persons were allowed to meet them.
I know this became possible just because of the invention of Sharat sir. Sharat sir i pay my gratitude to you and salute u.
Thank u very much.


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