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Breaking up

GOLDEN SUNRISE dear mentors,

Yesterday evening a friend of mine who I had helped with VK, confessed to me that she is not longer in love with her husband. They have 2 kids and she wants to split. She told me it has been very difficult for her as she has expressed that to her husband since 2019 but he is not willing to break up. At this time she said she is tired and would like for him to decide tat breaking up is the best for them.

She asked me if VK could help her, but I told her that according to what I have read VK is to unite and not to split, I even told her that I could send Serums to harmonize their relationship but she is so decided to break up and willing her husband have someone else so it could be easier for him and he takes the first move this time so he can ask the divorce to her.

I wonder if there is a serum for that or the energy of a Switchword I can send for her.

Thank you as always


  • @ariel_tecpatl
    You are right VK unites family. If separation is good for them and they no longer serve the purpose of being together,and if thats Divine's will, VK can help in peaceful harmonious separation.

    Regarding the divorce initiative, she herself wants separation but she wants husband to take initiative. Check if she needs BRAVO SERUM.

    You can request VK to lead to a good solution for both of them.
  • Thank you as always Rakhi, I'll let you know the outcome.

    Have a GOLDEN SUNRISE day
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