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Passing my first three certificate exams of the ACA thanks to VK!

I recently started my graduate scheme in corporate international tax and as part of the job I have to get my ACA qualification (Accountancy qualification). I had been struggling to revise and work at the same and also there is a lockdown here in the UK so I hadn't seen any friends in a while and was struggling mental health wise and this was affecting my ability to revise.

Our company is also making us do three exams at once which is abnormal for the ACA exams and we had only two weeks between learning the content and the exams - all whilst working full-time. I was sure that I wouldn't be able to pass all three. Then VK arrived a few days before my exams and I kept requesting BRAIN SERUM whilst revising and wore VK during my exams and requested BRAIN SERUM just before the exams started as well. I just got my results back today and I passed all 3 of them first time round despite finding the exams very difficult!

Thank you VK!!


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