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Smart searching using VK !

VK is magical. I got my VK about a month back and things have been magically changing since then. Things which are stuck seem to be moving and getting intuitions and ideas to take actions in life.
One such instance is me and husband discussing about expanding our family and the very same day I came across a post by Puneet on FB page about his sister in law's pregnancy. He had mentioned to follow a certain VK tip which was for pregnant women and post pregnancy. At that instance I thought what should I be using and searched the forum but didn't get ant relevant results. I contacted Rakhi mam, she guided so beautifully to request VK for smart searching. I just intended that and searched. Voila, VK tip 49 came in front of me which is for those who are trying to convince.

It's sooo magical. Whenever you are looking for something in this forum, please request VK to help with smart searching and you will definitely get what you are looking for.

DIVINE GRATITUDE to Sharat sir, Rakhi mam and a VK !!!!


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