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JACKPOT with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM in VK healing works wonders


This VK experience continues from Cosmic Money healing from Sharat Sir in Oct 2020. When I used switchword JACKPOT with Total Wealth Serum through VK, I got surprisingly bigger gifts in Diwali. I was suppose to receive a bluetooth speaker as a gift, instead of that I got latest model Microwave oven, that too a capacity bigger than expected.
Thank you Sir for Cosmic money healing session.

After money healing, I thought of exploring JACKPOT more through VK. I was sending energy of JACKPOT with Total Wealth Serum Alpha Male Serum to my friend who recently started a new business. My intention was somewhere a big order should come to him. He was shy to advertise much about his products. I asked VK from where a big order will manifest. He called me after 2 weeks to say he got a biggest order in last few months. I continued this time with intention of more JACKPOT to him. In a week that biggest order got multiplied 4 times by a client by word of mouth publicity. VK surprises in magical ways. hE was deserving but shy , VK did wonders for him. When the order multiplied, he was happy but somewhere I felt he had less resources. I requested VK for a SHIP of people supporting him. He received support from people to fulfil his orders. None of them took any money from him. His confidence has increased to handle more orders.

Thank you Sharat Sir for VK changing many lives.


  • Really a WOW experience @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher di
    You're a true example how selfless friendships should be
    Thanks for sharing your experience as it's gonna motivate so many of us other VK users
  • Woww Amazing experience Thankyou didi for sharing. What a great thought "a SHIP of people supporting" A SHIP of love to you. Golden Sunrise to your efforts for helping others selflessly.
  • WOW, That's a click "SHIP"

  • I am in textile business, I am having huge stock and lost control over my stock, I am not able to make payments in time. I am ging TWS , ALS and GS to my stock , pls suggest me , waiting for your reply.
  • @Kiran_1976
    Keep requesting in your own words to VK
    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE make way for sale of my stocks with ease and with good profits
  • Thank u Rakhi mam
  • Wow Rakhi Mam GOLDEN SUNRISE !!! thank you so much for inspiring us to explore more and more about Blessed VK its not a Tool its a Friend..

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