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Problem after healing others???Getting back stuck money with VK

Dear Mentors

I posted my experience about how I healed by husbands stuck money from a client and how obstacle were removed and he promised to pay money to my husband

During those days, one of my friend asked me some money and promised me that she would return after 10 days.
It's almost 2 months now, she has not returned. First time in my life , it happened that someone not returning my money and especially this happened after I healed my husband for stuck money buisness growth etc etc.
Though the amount i gave to my friend is small that she could have returned small amount every month. IAM sure she can .
Now iam getting angry on her , very irritated by this behaviour. Unable to know the reason

I want to know whether is this because of healing I gave for my husband? This pattern is seen in my husband since many years, one case is pending in court for not returning his money....usually this pattern happen to my husband , NEVER HAPPEN WITH ME.

What should I do before healing anyone ? I mean, we can't take energy exchange within family members close to us. How to stop absorbing their negative pattern while healing them?
Please guide me


  • @Sarita12
    Giving money to your friend was your concious decision and you chose to give it.
    So why do you relate it with your husband or VK healing or any pattern.
    And why do you correlate one incident as a pattern.
    Everything is not pattern, situations in our lives are result of our decisions too.
    If you have friendly relation it is so easy to talk to a friend Isnt it?. Find out the reason is there something that stops her or maybe she is planning to return after sometime.
    You can understand her situation by just talking to her or him instead of getting anxious or anger.

    VK doesnt give any problem to its user after healing through it.
    If this would be the case, would Sharat Sir give VK to you or anyone of us????
    To understand the divinity of VK, you must give time to read about VK and also practice it more.

    VK creates a shield when a person uses it for sending energy to others.
    And you can always additionally take SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for more protection.
    Please read the articles about SHIELD OF 7 RAYS on litairian website.

    You dont have to take energy exchange for healing anyone through VK.
  • Thanks Rakhiji for your reply. VK indeed is a divine tool. Before VK came in my life, I use to wear many crystals for protecting my energies being an Empath. But after VK, I use just one crystal. Iam very sensitive and absorb energies of those with whom I entangle. Iam not energy healer coz I was afraid for this reason of hypersensitivity.

    This friend of mine is making excuses that her sister-in-law is not answering her calls to whom she gave my money. I felt she can afford to give me back since it's small amount. Anyways I will wait for her to return my money.

    Shall I take SO7R for myself before sending healing to anyone 10 mins before? Or immediately after I take SO7R can I send healing to others ?
    If this is mentioned I will read this again in the article. .
    Thanks to Sharat Sir for this wonderful Tool. I must explore how to use VK
  • @Sarita12
    Procedures for VK are the same for all energies. You are the best person to decide how much and how frequent protection you need as you are already a healer.
  • Golden sunrise mentors

    my friend who borrowed money from me in the month of October during Navratre, promised to return within 10 days but it's more than 2 months she has never returned. I was quite polite all the time.
    To understand her mindset, I spoke to one of her close friend about this. . since I lost my patience, and gathered information about her act.

    Itseems, she had borrowed money from her close friend twice and never paid her full amount. It seems after repeated requests, she returned half amount on instalment basis after long time. It's been 5 years and till now she didn't pay back full amount.

    While I was helping her , I was very positive and with good feelings immediately I transferred money to her account.

    I am very angry now feeling cheated . Yesterday, I posted 2 audio notes assertively asking my money back. She made excuse that her health is not.good ...but I don't trust her now. She told she will return my money within one usual ..IAM unable to trust her somehow ..not able to use love serum also...

    Iam losing my positively in the entire process.

    Today morning I was chanting Golden sunrise and felt like asking you what else can I do in this situation. In one week, she may or may not return . Iam feeling cheated.
    Please guide me. How I wish there was one more serum to Tame such people not to cheat others .
  • Since I was using VK for my daughter and husband all the time, I didn't use SO7R for myself.
    I guess I must take S07R in future before helping others so that IAM guided well intuitively. I want to remain positive. I want to help needy people and not greedy.
    I love my VK divine . If IAM NEGATIVE, I don't get help from my VK. Now iam chanting Golden sunrise , to reboot myself.... signal from my divine VK
  • Shield of seven rays is an amazing protection for VK user you can combine yourself and family members in one single request, atleast do twice a day.

    You can follow the guidance in link

    Also read this Discussion and experience by Snehlata didi to recover money
  • @Sarita12

    To add to guidance by @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher i would like to add my views.

    I do not know the amount you have given to your friend, Big or small or huge?.
    But reading on all your comments i feel you are causing hurt to yourself. Anger kills self.

    Ask yourself is it worth to give all the energy to this issue i am not suggesting that you should not work on money recovery. But giving away your peace of mind is not worth.
    Give your energy to create more money in your life. Keep healing recovery without anxiety.

    If you feel agitated use CALM DOWN SERUM for yourself.

    There are no time limits for money recovery. I know VK users who got huge amounts back in just 2 days with VK and some who had reasonable amounts taking few months but they did with surrender to Divine.

    With anxiety and anger you may invite more lack
    If getting cheated is what hurts you more, read articles on Karma by Sharat Sir and Sanjay Roy Sir from litairian website
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to you.
  • Golden sunrise

    Thank you Puneet Sir and Rakhi ma'am for your guidance

    I will surely read the articles.

    Rakhi ma'am, your suggestions are always Pure ,Powerful and Positive .
    Iam very very fortunate to be associated with such high vibrational Forum full of Divine souls guiding us.
    My VK divine is such a wonderful Energy Tool. I did many wonderful tasks using my VK successfully like Healing my plants , getting Lost objects, and Filing income tax returns all by myself without help of CA etc etc.
    Iam working on my emotional issues as well.
    Thanks and regards ????
  • @Sarita12

    I am waiting to read your VK experiences on a new post as i see you also as a powerful divine soul.

    Please share them
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your wonderful journey.
  • Yes ma'am . Thanks. Golden sunrise

    Iam very happy to share that my friend returned my money back today.

    I read law of karma articles shared by Rakhi ma'am here . I loved the content very much . Thanks for sharing.

    As I mentioned above that I was angry on my friend and It was not worth. I told myself not to inflict pain to self.
    I wanted to take calm down serum. But something made me to take bravo serum. After bravo serum, I started recording Audio notes . I created 2 Audio notes back to back , Assertively asking her to return my money . All these days I was polite to her but angry with myself . But now,, I was using Assertive words loud and clear along with a small warning note also. I felt iam doing justice by using Assertiveness after learning from other friend that she cheated her also and never returned her money back since 5 years. I converted all my Anger energy into Appropriate STRICT ASSERTIVE WORDS. I prepared her mind that iam adamant to get my money back.
    She got my message very well and immediately agreed to transfer my money . Within one hour I got my money.

    many times I thought to let her go and forget about this. But If I let her cheat me, I will be responsible for her next attempt to cheat others. It will be wrong karma from my side. If she continue to cheat others in future , at least I will be not responsible coz I took appropriate steps to stop her bad habit.
    I took karma aspect in this way .

    Thanks again for all the suggestions. Thanks to VK divine. If VK would not be there in my life, I would have fought with her and lost her. I promised her that i will try to Heal her leg issues she has developed recently. She apologized me for returning money very late and thanked me for my timely help.
  • @Sarita12
    Thanks for sharing. If i read it i feel you released your anger and took appropriate steps with positive words. And you won without hurting yourself and her.
  • Absolutely ma'am
    Golden sunrise
  • Can anyone please share the link of law of karma article here..I searched it in the forum but couldn't find it????????
  • @MuskaanMenda
    Its on litairian website. Articles are on website.
  • I need to search with law of karma title?
  • @MuskaanMenda
    Use key words for any search. Use KARMA in search
    I used search option on this forum and got the link to website too.
    How did you search on forum earlier??
  • @MuskaanMenda
    On this forum there is a success story too on how you can use VK for smart searching
  • Thank you so much ma'am
  • I searched with the title of law of karma
  • @MuskaanMenda
    Use single words in search to get more hits
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