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Wow! VK Copying oratory skills of my boss

edited December 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Dear all,

Of several successes, I had with VK along with few times when VK chose not to listen to me, may be those weren't for my good etc. Today I want to share something that really thrilled me. I saw in a post that with VK we can mimic somebody's unique talent too. So, I decided to try :) I am very very very bad at verbal communication... to be true I can't even convince my self some time,,, lol. So I just asked Vk to mimic my boss's oratory skill in the below-mentiomed way and got results in minutes.

O! Devine VK, Please give the energy of "XYZ's verbal communication skill" X3 to me with safety and security. Thank You VK

Trust me the next call I answered after maybe 10 min or so since placing the request, I sense a very different level of confidence, calmness and clarity while speaking. I am doing it since yesterday and till now I am doing good.

I just have only one question, do I have to do it for life or after a certain time, this skill will be permanently ingrained into my personality.

Thank you Sharat Sir for such a wonderful gift.


  • @parthavk
    Wowi really. Congratulations.
    Regarding your question since you noticed the big change in your skills. Keep requesting till the mind and brain adopts the new skill. You will know with observations when to stop or when or how long to continue.
    All healings should be done need basis in general.
    Thanks for sharing your experience in detail. Keep sharing it will motivate many.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your oratory skills and confidence.

    Another suggestion keep taking ALPHA MALE SERUM or ALPHA WOMAN SERUM as applicable.
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