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Getting Money Back the Second Time

Golden Sunrise Divine I am grateful to say that VK Jubilant came through for me again with flying colors. I went to another dentist to get some dentures made. They were well made and professional made. But I could not eat with them, I went back several times for adjustments and they I still could eat with them. The last trip I made to the Dentist office I said I still cannot eat with these dentures what can we do? The Dentist said I will give you your money back if they are not working out for you, I said you will. He said yes, I said thank you. Before going to the Dentist I had requested VK Jubilant please eliminate negative thoughts 10 to the power of minus 17 for me regarding getting my money back from the Dentist. He gave me all my money back. Thank You VK Jubilant and Sharat Sir. I am truly blessed to have VK Jubilant and Sharat Sir in my life.


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