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Get into contact with friend

edited December 2020 in Relationship Discussion
In the past few days my relation with my friend has deteriorated and I want my friend to talk to me. My friend has blocked me everywhere and is not talking to me at all. I tried all ways to get into contact but its not working. Please help.


  • @Sneh

    Which cosmic serum is for relationship improvement?
    Check on litairian website. Please use search option and get into self learning. This will help you to become independent VK healer.
  • I tried using LOVE serum, ONE SOUL serum, CALM DOWN serum as well to reduce the anger of my friend but still I got no results Please help

  • @Sneh
    Check the full article on these Serum.
    Also check VK BASIC POST 13 on forum
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam.
    I tried everything. But still the issue is not getting resolved. I went by my ownself and talked to my friend, cleared the misunderstanding but again the next day, my friend stopped talking and blocked me everywhere. I dont know what is going wrong. Why is VK not helping me here ?

  • @Sneh
    You have these options
    1. Stop this healing and surrender to Divine
    2. Continue this healing and accept Divine wish.

    If a person is repeatedly blocking you maybe there is something you have learn from this.

    Just because VK is not following your desires it doesnt imply that its not working.

    Maybe VK is giving you some signal already.
    VK works for the best of energy receivers.
  • I have got the same relationship clearity with VK now i accepted it as divine wish.
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