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Cosmic serums my saviour

Golden sunrise sir
One serum I love.Calm down serum, this is an effective serum for those who are very short tempered. this serum if given regularly to angry person becomes very calm, understanding, and listens patiently.My brother is taking the serum from last few weeks and now he says can see many good changes. All are very happy. Thanks Sharat sir.
I was having pain in my throat. Doc said tonsils inflammation.I started taking ENT serum and Pain Care Serum for few days. from yesterday night and my pain is gone I feel tonsils swelling reduced.
Heart Serum magic: My husband was unable to sleep at night. He was experiencing severe palpitations many times. I was thinking for online consultation with a doctor to get some medicine for his sleeplessness. Then I just read about Heart Serum. What a relief, he could sleep the same day when I started charging his water with heart serum.VK it a blessing for us.


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