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Healing Others through VK, with simple ways and energy systems

Golden Sunrise to All

I have many experiences through which I made my life better through VK

Here are some incidents where I helped others:

1. My frd who thinks of me as a brother was feeling low I thought it was black magic gave charged water with ALL CLEAR SERUM she felt it very salty later her mother phoned and told that somebody has performed black magic on their whole family I send healing through VK and her negative thoughts healed completely

2. Another time a woman's father was suffering some serious health conditions due to high sugar I send her father healing through water charging method through VK charged with KEY PEN SERUM and MAHAMRITYUNJAY MANTRA he started healing his sugar level become normal now he is in his way towards healing

3. Another person who was facing financial difficulties due to his consulting job just by giving healing sending TOTAL WEALTH SERUM & BALANCE SERUM &GOLDEN SUNRISE for five days with VK he got extra cash of 5000/- and also he was appointed on a project which gave him extra responsibilities in his job to which will further help him in earning extra

4. Some lady was feeling suicidal thoughts charged her bottle with MOOD UP SERUM now she is feeling awesome happy and positive

5. Another woman was facing the same black magic issue when I charged her water and she drank she felt dizzy so I charged water also send ALL CLEAR SERUM through direct request within 3 days she became normal again

6. Another person's daughter was having anxiety issues I charged the water with ALL CLEAR SERUM and BEACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY she felt the change instantly

7. Another lady was suffering from acidity reflux I charged water in her bottle with DIGEE SERUM and she felt great the next day itself

Thank You Sharat Sir for giving VK to the world and making so many lives better.

Thank You Rakhi Mam for always supporting me.

Thank u Team Litairian for the support and encouragement.

Thank You,

Golden Sunrise.


  • All the amazing experiences and Golden Sunrise to your enthusiasm to help others
    Thanks to Sharat Sir for this wonderful healing modality with which we can just not only help ourselves but can help our family and friends as well
    Keep the good work up!!!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring with your success stories
  • Golden Sunrise Narinder Mam

    Thank You for such kind words and encouragement

    Gratitude to SHARAT SIR for sucha awesome invention VK

    Thank You to Rakhi Mam and Team Litrarian

    Golden Sunrise
  • Beautiful experiences i like your enthusiasm for helping others with divine VK.
    Golden Sunrise to your efforts.
    Tuankyou for Sharing
  • @Krishnaguntupalli
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Very nice experiences posted. Your intentions are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE. Wonderful experiences.
  • Golden Sunrise

    Thank u Puneet Sir for encouraging me

    Thank u Rakhi Mam for always guideing me and helping me

    Thank u Munish Sir for encouragement

    Gratitude to SHARAT Sir for creating and sharing Vk to the world

    Golden Sunrise
  • Excellent going. Many blessings.
  • Golden Sunrise @Krishnaguntupalli
    Very nice healing experience.
    Thank You for Sharing.

  • Golden Sunrise SHARAT Sir

    Thank You for VK it is really great Sir

    Thank You Sir for encouraging me

    Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise Anit Sir

    Thank u for encouraging me with such kind words

    Golden Sunrise
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