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In "Awe" experience for me

This is an "awe" experience for me!
I have menstrual problem for many days, Rakhi mam knows about it, and I was going through another problem too, I failed in final exam, wrote theory but practicals is due.
So yesterday I wanted to give more energy towards passing exams. Usually I always wear one VK, I request other two vks for passing me in exams. Yesterday I thought of giving energy with my this vk that I wear always towards this goal of passing practicals.
I kept it aside from morning to evening and was requesting for making way for me to pass practicals. During this time my menstrual bleeding became heavier than usual, evening I wore this VK, immediately, I didn't expect this, but my bleeding decreased to usual. At that moment I felt like, even though I didn't request vk to decrease my bleeding, vk worked for me, when I just wore it.


  • One more thing
    I got just five marks less and I failed in exam.
    I was so devastated. Got suicidal tendencies and felt life is meaningless. Then I started taking MUS. it helped me a lot. Not that I don't feel sad and low now but atleast I don't have suicidal tendencies.
    Last time for exam I could not read because I could not read because of fear and so much of anxiety, I was so paralysed from fear.
    This time what happened is, I started giving love serum to universe, Sai baba and somehow i came to know about 'dasa mahavidya homa' . I started taking effect of homa with vk. I must say something changed in me and I started reading. This homa worked for me. Anxiety got reduced, though I sometimes fear, but way much better than last time. Whenever I get stuck and I could not study I take the effect of homa.
    And this is only only possible with vk, I feel blessed and grateful for getting help from vk.
    I hope I'll pass this time in exam.
    Thanks to Sharat Sir and Devi ma.
  • VK ROCKS!!!
    Thanks for sharing
  • Thanks for sharing a beautiful story of mimicking Das Mahavidya Homa. May Devi Maa Bless You.

  • Amazing experience
  • Beautiful experience Thankyou for sharing.
  • @Brightlife888
    Great experiences. Thanks for sharing. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your wellbeing and career.
  • Nice experience
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