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1 months experience of using VK and request to guide me to get better with VK

I got my VK on 11th September 2020,posting few of my experiences:

1) Initially it was painfull to wear and remove VK frequently ,felt it was too hard,but requested VK to be my friend and within a day it slipped in and out of my hand like butter with no pain

2)Initially I didn't know much about cosmic serums was in the process of reading and still am reading how to use them,during this time I had developed UTI kind of thing and since we are in lockdown avoided visiting doctor so tried VOB.In just 3 times that too not for 10 mins few rotations each time I got complete relief

3)I had requested for a VK to help my Autistic/ADHD son,so read about serums and saw Rakhi Ma'ms vdos and started healing him with the following :-

A)To treat his aggression - Pain Care Serum+All Clear Serum +Calm Down Serum + Golden Sunrise

B)For his development - Study Serum +Brain Serum +Balance Serum +Beauty Serum to speech +Energy of Ambika mantra

C) For his hyperactivity and sound sensitivity I tried enegy of Accupressure and Accupuncture with intention of integrating his 5 sense organs with safety and security + energy of Mahamrutunjya Mantra

All the above energies I used to give him once a day.

But I need advise on number of times I should use the above requests to see desired results, I can definitely see his aggression coming down ither things too happening but will update once noticeable changes are seen.

4)I ave also seen improvement in me and my husband's relationship which was stressful ,I used One Soul Serum+Love serum+Golden Sunrise.

I also used the same combination for my friend who had little issues with husband and things improved.

5.I also tried to help my brother who is 33 and is not married,I requested VK to make for a desired girl to come in his life for marriage for now forever ,yet to see results.

6.once my husband while in kitchen got his hand burnt,I posted in Facebook and as per Rakhi Ma'm's advice healed him with Cantharis with safety and security a+ beauty serum to burnt area +energy of silver nanogen with safety and security.

7.Also helped heal friend's sister and her daughter who tested positive of corona with the healing suggested by Puneetji in Facebook Immunity serum+ENT serum+Zapper Healing 9 volts -10 kilo hertz with safety and security, both tested negative within 3 days (twice a day healing was given)

Thank you Sharat Sir for his Divine Innovation.
Thank you Rakhiji and Puneetji.

I have also gifted VK to my friend who also has a special child( girl),she is yet to receive it.

Kindly advise for my son and also my husband .
He has developed tumor on his thyroid gland,today his FNS and cityscan has been done,i have been giving him Care Serum+ENT serum+ All clear Serum +energy of MMM,tomorrow going to collect reports,but I am confident that we would get favorable reports.
Also given him Bravo Serum+ CDS + MOod up serum and have requested VK to do the best.

I am pretty confident that all would be smooth soon.

Golden Sunrise,



  • @Jayashree4576
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences. I am also happy you learnt the combination by reading being a new VK user you have also put efforts in learning and exploring new ways with VK.
    I loved your way of requesting Accupressure integrating 5 SENSE Organs. Just amazing.

    For your son do some healing through drinking
    water and foods especially those combinations where you feel the need is more.
    As a mother you will know this more closely. You can even change the healing frequencies based on changes happening and changes required.

    Happy to read your better marital relationship.

    Just 2 corrections Dont give CALM DOWN SERUM and MOOD UP SERUM in same combination. Check the article by Sir how to choose between them.

    Regarding relationship of others, just use ONE SOUL Serum as LOVE SERUM is used for VK user's own relationship with others.

    For your husbands healing
    Please send GOLDEN SUNRISE to his reports.

    If the thyroid is affected use FLAB DOWN SERUM.
    You can also explore PSYCHIC SURGERY with VK.

    I loved your last Line you requested VK TO DO THE BEST.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to you and your family for happy healthy joyful life.

    Keep sharing your experiences.
  • Thank you Rakhi Ma'm,will surely keep posting updates .
  • Rakhiji ,
    The reports came and I was called.
    It ha been detected thyroid cancer spread to lungs
    It's at 4th stage.we took an immediate flight from goa and have to mumbai and have taken a appointment from Tata memorial.Please advise how vk can help in stoping and curing cancer along with tmc treatment.

    Goldenn Sunrise
  • @Jayashree4576

    Plz Continue with the same healing as described above

    Please use BRAVO SERUM as required for him and family members

    Surrender to Divine will. Do all your actions of taking healthcare advise wherever required and VK healing

    You can also request VK for best treatment and doctors for him.

    Wishing him speedy recovery.
  • Rakhiji,please let me know how many times I should give request
  • @Jayashree4576

    Pl Check VK BASIC POST 13 by Sir on this forum
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