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VK's Magic in clearing Traffic.

Golden Sunrise!! Today(4th Oct 2020) I along with my family planned a trip to our relatives house, the route to there place is always covered with heavy traffic and today being a weekend the traffic is more severe.

Today before starting my journey I requested VK bhai as " VK Bhai Golden Sunrise please clear the traffic on the road and help us reach my location " and I kept on requsting VK at regular intervals, as we had to travel 50kms. I had also requested VK bhai to send SO7R to me and my family and also the car we were travelling in.

We were not able to believe our eyes that our car didn't stop of 5mins also in traffic. Our relatives were also suprised that how we didn't experience any traffic Jam. I repeated the same process while returning back home and got the fruit again.

Gratitude to VK bhai!!!


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