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Regarding my son delayed motor responses speech walk

edited October 2020 in Children Discussion
Golden sunrise,

Golden sunrise, as I gone through with the blue post I dont want to take any wrong decision related to combination of serum ...pls help

My son in 2.4 year old .he can sit but not himself , he can stand with bit support, but he is unable to walk, he has delay motar skills also , he try to communicate but not with proper words pls guide me I m new with vk I m confused....pls help...


  • @Gauri1987
    Do not get scared of using wrong combination. If you read the Cosmic serum articles you will know the combinations easily.
    You can post your combinations and ask questions.

    You may start with BRAIN SERUM for your son.
    You can add energy of MAHAMRUTYUNJAY MANTRA and/or SAIBABA UDI energy and BALANCE SERUM.

    These can be the basic energies which you can use.
    Now in this combination you may add ENT SERUM for speech, GYM SERUM for phyical stamina.

    You can make combinations as per need also. Must check the article on BRAIN SERUM.

    For VK procedures read the basics of VK posts on forum.

    You can do VOB of brain everyday for 10 to 20 mins. Check the articles on VOB on litairian website.

    Always keep the intention for his healthy active life now forever.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to yours sons health and recovery.
  • Thank you so much mam for answering my doubts
    I choose balance serum +brain serum+gym serum.
    Golden sunrise

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