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MY 1ST EXPERIENCE WITH VK, aligning with high energy from VK

edited October 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

I received VK on 1/10/2020 in the evening. As there are no rituals to be performed I just wore the VK. As I wore VK, I found a heavy sensation on my head, due to which I thought I should remove it and should wear in intervals. But as VK has cosmic energies, I thought let me give it a try by praying to VK. So I prayed to VK in Hindi " VK, Mein ek aam insaan hoon or mujhme tumko dharan karne ki shakti nahi hai. Kripaya mujhe shakti pradan karo ki mein tumko dharan kar saku." Bingo......After this prayer there was no problem and I am wearing it countinously since then.

Thank you VK and Sharat Sir.


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