All work done Comfortably with VK

Golden Sunrise to All

Today I went to State Bank of India to deposit money and a big crowd was gathered outside the Bank. Due to Corona problem they were allowing only 2 people inside. I always wear my 2VKs one on each hand. Without even touching my VKs I just said in my mind "VKs it would be lovely if they formed two separate queues, one for cash deposit and another for talking to the manager". Within 2 minutes the Manager himself came to the gate and requested to form two separate queues as I had requested. I was stunned.
I wanted to transfer money to my Bank account in my hometown through this Bank in Kolkata in which I did not have an account. After I went inside the bank the Manager requested me to open an account in that bank and handed me a form, but all I wanted to do was deposit my cash. So again I requested my VK, "VKs Please help me deposit my money". Within 5 minutes the Manager himself came to me and said you can deposit your money, no need to open an account. Again I was amazed. So I successfully deposited my money and ordered my third VK with it.
Thank you Sharat Sir for creating Divine VK. Thank you my lovely VKs.

PS: Two days back the security guard of our building came to inform us that on the 15th i.e today from 10am to 5pm there will not be any electricity due to some repair work. I immediately requested my VK, "VKs it would be lovely if it rained on the 15 and weather would be cloudy with cool breeze". Bingo!! Today it rained in the morning, weather is cloudy with cool breeze and I don't even feel the need for electricity.

Golden Sunrise


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