Sciatica Pain reduced 90% within 2 days with Divine VK

Golden Sunrise to All

I was suffering from left leg pain from two years. The pain was sometimes severe and sometimes when I would take VK healing it would go away. One day I just asked VK to show me the reason I am having this leg pain. I was watching a movie on YouTube and randomly a video for Sciatica popped up. I watched the video and took it as a sign from VK.
So I started taking healing with my two VKs boost method:
VK Please send me the Energy of:
Sharat Sir Video "Sciatica Pain Natural & Instant Relief by Cosmic Codes",
Vitamin B Complex as per the need of the body,(This also I got from a video as Sciatica maybe result of B2,B12,B1 deficiency)
Pain Care Serum,
Balance Serum,
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.
Within 2 days 90% of my pain reduced.
I am able to go for a jog again. This is like a miracle to me. I am blessed to have my VKs.

Thank you Sharat Sir for creating Divine VK.

Golden Sunrise


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