Chotu vk to remove again n again for healing?

Hello mam, im a new user to vk almost 1 month im using vk and its doin wonders in my life so i want another chotu vk to wear in my neck...
My question is do i need to remove again n wear again to send energy or healing process? Orr just while wearing i cn do healing with direct method? Plz rply


  • @Vanita
    VK is used in same way irrespective of size.
    Do share your wonderful experiences it will be inspiration for all.

    VK users are wearing Chotu VK in a neck chain , feeling its energy on heart chakra.
    They keep talking to it.
    Some are using it for BOOST method while not wearing it and otherwise for any healing the same way as they use their VK which fits on their wrist.

  • Okay ???? thank you ???? mam
  • Yeaa sure i will share my experiences as there are many many lil things i ll share all
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